About Us

EddenSports.com covers every single significant game occasion in addition to the business side of the sports industry with in-depth examination, measurements, numbers and actualities/figures. It another website yet the group behind EddenSports has 3 years of involvement with sports blogging. At present we have a couple of scholars chipping away at the site who spread various game stories however very soon in the future we are intending to begin a “Journalists Contribution Program” where we will contract new writers on willfully or paid premise contingent upon the experience.


We have 2 dedicated authors who contribute in different categories, plus an editor/mod who is responsible for quality checks and placements of editorials on the site. EddenSports is expanding every day and we are looking for new ideas to engage the traffic in more suitable ways.

Write For EddenSports?

We are always looking to hire new but passionate sportswriters who want to contribute to the site with an in-depth analysis of different sports topics. To know more about contributing program you can contact us at [email protected]