At the end of this weekend, the Champions League will turn the corner again. And he will do it by starting to raise and lower thumbs, he will bring us to the top four classifieds for the quarterfinals. And when the puzzle seemed clear with the favorites, some sawtooth has left Bayern practically as the strongest bid to win in their country and in Europe given the sensations of today and the results of the first leg.

Of those who are still alive in the Champions League, we can talk about up to eight teams with very real chances of double. Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain; Bayern, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund in Germany; Juve in Italy, PSG in France and Liverpool in the Premier League.

They can also aspire to Lyon, Manchester City, Chelsea, Atlético de Madrid, Valencia, Atalanta, and Naples, but they would have to make a historic comeback to wipe away the distance with the leadership. Chelsea and Tottenham are the only Eurosurvivors officially discarded for the title.

Except in Italy, although with the asterisk that Lazio has one more game than Juve, the leaders of the big leagues continue in the Champions League. But with very different trajectories or results of the first leg and that make Bayern Munich currently appear as the strongest candidate.

After the 0-3 of Stamford Bridge, the set of Hansi Flick has foot and three quarters in the following round. His game is solvent and his punch is devastating. He won the six group stage matches (24 goals in favor, 5 against) and in the Bundesliga he has put the straight to the title after nine wins and a draw in the last ten days.

And although it cannot be trusted because it only exceeds three points a second, since Hansi Flick is on the bench for Niko Kovac has made a big difference and has become a much more reliable team. The big question is how he will respond in this class with Lewandowski’s injury. The first rehearsals without him have been 0-6 in Hoffenheim and 0-1 to Schalke 04 in the Cup.

The one that started as a great favorite to double has fallen at the least expected moment. Liverpool will have to overcome on Tuesday the 1-0 that is the advantage of Atlético de Madrid and that was the beginning of the short circuit for Klopp. Since then, a comeback with a lot of suffering against West Ham (3-2), the serious setback against Watford (3-0) and the elimination of the FA Cup.

The only thing Manchester City can do in the Premier is to delay the rally as much as possible (it is 22 points behind Liverpool, with one matchless). At least, in Europe they have lived the happiest face: the 1-2 of the first leg at the Bernabéu gives you many options to stand in the quarterfinals.