Danish striker Martin Braithwaite, Barcelona’s latest deals, has confirmed that he has found his most suitable place to play football, indicating that he wants to continue the Catalan team.

The Danish striker had joined the Blaugrana from Leganes to make up for the absence of Frenchman Osman Dembele due to the injury.

Braithwaite said “I played in many clubs, but my feeling here is different. I feel at home. Some people may see this as a strange thing.”

The right place:

He added “I feel at home because I found the people around me with the same mentality, everyone here is ambitious, and always wants to win. The level of training is very high and so is everything surrounding the team and club, I feel I am in the right place.”

Luis Suarez who is also suffering from a prolonged injury and may return to the stadiums next month, regarding that Braithwaite will surprise everyone with his level, he said, “I want to thank him, he is a great fellow.”

“When I got here (Suarez) received me wonderfully, he is an amazing player, for me the best striker in the world, and I hope he will come back soon because I will learn a lot from him.”

“I want to show my abilities here because I didn’t just come here to train and go home. I am ambitious and have my goals and I will strive to achieve them.”

Partnership with Messi

On the secret of his adaptation of the attack with the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, he said, “The secret is simply to play my way, and to be myself.”

“Running And trying to defray the defense is my way because I have in front the best player in the world, and this is very easy for me. “

Regarding the change that has occurred, he said, “Everything in my mind has changed, especially with regard to reading the style of play. I cannot get here and think that I will continue on my path.” he said

“While I still can’t change the way I play, I am thinking of using my potential differently, I have to move differently,”

Barcelona’s dominance

“I think it is easier here in Barcelona than in Leganes, because you will own the ball all the time, and there are great players around you.”

On Messi’s comments that Barca currently cannot be crowned Champion League, Braithwaite said, “I joined the team recently and I cannot comment very much on this.”

“Messi knows the team much better than me and certainly his feeling will be different, but whether he or the rest of the team everyone wants to crown all titles, and for me, I feel I joined Barcelona in the right time.”