German clubs suffered heavy losses due to the suspension of football activity in the country, as happens in various European countries, including the crisis caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

It is expected that this crisis will cast a shadow over the movements of the Bundesliga clubs during the next summer transfer period, as the clubs will work on limited spending, without concluding expensive deals, unless the need arises.

Philippe Coutinho

The current crisis may cause Bayern Munich to reconsider its place on the Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho, loaned from FC Barcelona until the end of the season.

The Bavarian club officials did not tend to activate the option to buy the player for 120M €, due to the high value of the deal, as well as not providing a return equal to this amount.

But Bayern may consider keeping Coutinho for at least another season, either by negotiating to extend his loan or trying to reduce the value of his purchase from Barca because he is unable to move comfortably in the next Mercato.

Jadon Sancho

Perhaps this harm was in favor of Borussia Dortmund, who fears the loss of his English striker Jadon Sancho after the end of the season, in light of the great interest of the Premier League giants to win his signature in the summer.

Because the Premier League clubs are also affected by the effects of the global epidemic, it is expected that no club will move towards Sancho next summer, in light of Dortmund’s estimate of 120 million euros for the player.

Because of the high value of the deal, it is expected that those clubs will refrain from negotiating the deal, which will result in it remaining for at least another season at Signal Iduna Park.

Timo Werner

Leipzig club managed to extend the contract of German striker Timo Werner recently until the summer of 2023 after several reports linked him to leave for free at the end of the season.

Despite the renewal, the news of Timo’s possible departure has not yet stopped, after several reports linked him to a massive number of England, Spain and Italy clubs.

It is also expected that Werner will continue inside the Red Bull Arena, to benefit Leipzig from this pandemic by keeping the star of the first team, which will not be an easy catch for the big Europeans at the moment.

Leroy Sane

Fate may have occurred between Leroy Sane, Manchester City’s winger, and Bayern Munich last summer, after the player was on the verge of leaving for the Bavarian club, before suffering a severe injury to the ligament of the knee.

Sane transfer deal to Bayern Munich was postponed to next summer until he returns to the stadiums and shows the impact of this strong injury on his level.

In any case, he will switch between Sane and Bayern again, due to the difficulty of getting a deal for him because of his high financial fee, which will cause the German club to wait until the end of its contract in 2021.