In the summer, Gerard Deulofeu was sold permanently to an Everton, a club where he enjoyed a successful loan spell in the 2019/20 season. The speedy winger returned to the Merseyside club with a lot of hope, he was looking forward to the consistent game time in England that he couldn’t be promised at Barcelona. With a buy back clause in his contract, what are the chances that one of La Masia’s pearls will return, and does he deserve to?

Deulofeu started the Premier League season with a few appearances from the bench before he was embedded in Roberto Martínez’s side as a starter, and when he was ready to start, he destroyed many full backs and formed a devastating duo with Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku. Deulofeu’s ability to cross a ball perfectly onto the head of the frontman wowed many spectators as he racked up the assists during the winter period.

Barcelona has a two-year buy-back option on Deulofeu. This summer, the blaugrana will be able to snap up the winger for nine million euros, and the summer of 2017 will see that potential figures rise to 12 million euros.

Many Barça fans have been left puzzled in recent times as the Catalan wide man has been left out of the starting 11 in five of the last six Everton matches, but with the performances of 28-year-old Aaron Lennon, Martínez had difficulty picking between the two but has recently chosen the latter. Despite Lennon’s form, it’s hard to believe that he would be preferred over Deulofeu, especially keeping in mind the sensational partnership he has with Lukaku.

Barcelona newspaper Sport recently reported that the club will not use their buyback option on Deulofeu, which may surprise some as Luis Enrique seems keen to get another forward in the side as back up to the trident, but it seems that the youth product, who was hailed as one of the top wingers to come out of La Masia in recent years, has found a good club in Everton, and at only 22-years-old he certainly has the chance to progress further and maybe one day be back in the colors of his childhood side.

Barcelona has been short on transfer funds recently, and with the Espai Barça renovation project on the horizon it doesn’t seem like this will change. Perhaps this could see Deulofeu brought in as a somewhat cheaper option to do a job as backup to the trident, or maybe a bigger role depending on his development.

Deulofeu had an interesting career ahead of him, and if he continues to develop at the rate he has been and the chance opens up for him, I believe he can come back to Barça and be successful, but for now, he should be patient in his current situation and see what the future holds.