After an outbreak of a global pandemic threat in many countries of the world, especially Italy, which declared a state of emergency in the country with the establishment of quarantine to isolate suspects in addition to suspending all sports activities, especially football.

It is worth noting that Italy, Spain and many other countries around the world continue their fierce battle against the emerging coronavirus and its outbreak is alarmingly high, and almost all conversations and news around the world revolve around COVID-19.

In the Italian sports section, they are citing Atlético de Madrid in their battle against the Coronavirus, They likened their way to respond to the emerging epidemic in the manner of Argentine coach Diego Simone in managing the Spanish club Atletico Madrid in various championships locally and in Europe, and his policy in dealing with difficult situations.

According to us: “While I was watching the Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match last Wednesday, I saw that what the Los Rojiblancos do on the field is very similar to what the Italian people are doing to tackle the emerging virus, where Atletico Madrid’s policy is to bridge the gaps and narrow the distances to the competitor to achieve The goal is what Italy should do.”

“The Atletico model is best if we want to beat the virus, which is a very fast enemy, With Simeone’s iron defense, which is characterized by everything stagnant and static, but quickly rises up and blows on of one man to achieve the impossible during organized attacks.”

“If we want to end this epidemic, we must use the Simeone strategy and confront the virus with a strong, decisive and robust system that depends on filling the gaps and tightening the methods of prevention.”

It is noteworthy that the coach of Atletico Madrid team defeated the Liverpool team at the Anfield by 2-3, and the Rojiblancos had beaten the Reds 1-0 in the first leg in Spain, and as a result of the two matches, the Spanish team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League in its current version.