The Barcelona coach, Quique Setién, reviewed the news of Barça, very marked by the defeat in the ‘ El Clásico’. He also explained the controversial images of his second, Eder Sarabia. Questioned by the health of the locker room, he described it as “oil raft”.

In the previous one of the league matches against the Royal Sociedad, Quique Setién gave a general review to the present, that came loaded with much controversy. But in sports, it was a priority to get up after 2-0 at the Bernabéu, something that is convinced that it will happen.

“The defeat is always an option, painful, more in a club like this, but we are prepared to overcome defeats and frustrations like these. We have to get up and move on, as we have done all our lives,” he said.

“What I do care about are the forms, and that is what I have to clarify if anyone does not understand at all. We have apologized because I understand that there are a number of words that you should not use when you are in a club like this. For the rest, a coach shouts, his second shouts, when you try to encourage, and the players understand it.

My discomfort is that we have the obligation to keep the forms because there are many children watching us and education must prevail in the people we expose ourselves permanently in the media. I don’t know if it is explained for the last time because I won’t talk about this topic anymore, “he wanted to settle.

How is the dressing room?

Another recurring theme during the technician’s speech was the alleged costume problems that he denied: “I don’t know what you rely on to say that we have no control. We have no problem, we are delighted with the costumes we have encountered. Thus it’s an oil raft. Every time we talk to them, they are accepting everything with an extraordinary attitude. Some give their opinion because we ask for it, but nothing more. They are clear about their position. We have a relationship with the extraordinary costumes “.

In that regard, he said he has not had “the need to hit a single scream.” “My way of acting is to convince, and I usually have that empathy to compromise them from the feeling and importance of belonging to this club. They accept it and understand it,” he said.

“I have never had a problem handling the costumes, I am delighted. I have not seen anything negative. I would like to win more games and refine more things, but that took it as part of the game,” he delved into the analysis of his 52 days in Can Barça.