The European Union Executive Committee met on Thursday, receiving the latest updates from the working groups created.

According to the UEFA statement, the two scenarios being examined are the start of club competitions in parallel with the leagues, or the completion of local matches before the relaunch of the Champions League and European League matches in August.

The statement pointed out that “UEFA announces that the qualification of the teams to the continental championships in the next season must depend on sporting merit, so we urge the federations and associations to explore all possible options to end all competitions, which define the clubs qualifying for the Champions League and the European League naturally.”

The statement stressed that the European Union insists that the health of players, fans and all football participants should be the priority now.

The ideal scenario is to complete stalled local competitions, which allows clubs to qualify in Europe based on the principle of sporting merit.

If this scenario is not possible, due to problems in the scheduling of matches, it would be better to resume the stalled local competitions in a different format, and in a way that qualifies the clubs, Europeanly based.

While making the best possible efforts to complete local competitions, federations or associations may have legitimate reasons to end tournaments ahead of time, such as the following cases:

  • There is an official decision banning sporting events so that local competitions cannot be completed in a timely manner before the start of the next season
  • Economic problems that are difficult to overcome, which makes the completion of the season impossible, because it will expose competitions or clubs to a risk of financial stability.

And if the local tournaments are ended prematurely for legitimate reasons, according to the aforementioned, UEFA will ask the National Federation to choose clubs to participate in the European Champions League and European League on the basis of sporting merit in the 2019/2020 competitions.

UEFA Euro 2020

The European Union explained that after the Nations Cup was postponed to the summer of 2021, and after a comprehensive internal review and discussions with partners, the Executive Committee decided that the tournament would retain its name (Euro 2020).

The decision is due to UEFA’s desire to preserve the original essence of the tournament and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the launch of the euro (1960 – 2020).

Followed: “It is useful to remember how every soccer family came together to deal with the exceptional conditions caused by the Coronavirus, and the difficult times that passed through Europe and the world in 2020”