In times of crisis many publications, journalists, blogs, fans and your mate down the road love to entertain the idea of Lionel Messi moving away from Barcelona. Maybe he’ll go to the Premier League to prove himself (what?!) or maybe he’ll be tempted by a lucrative offer from PSG or China, people tell you.

The fact of the matter is, I can say with almost 100% confidence, Messi will never leave Barcelona for another club other than his childhood team, Newell’s Old Boys.

Numerous times the Argentine has stated that he wants to either retire at Barcelona or go home to Rosario.

In 2016, he told Polémica en el Bar when asked about a return to Newell’s: “I would love to. It is something I have kept an eye on because it was my dream as a child. I want to play in Argentine football and Newell’s, where I grew up.”

Former manager Pep Guardiola and president Josep Maria Bartomeu have stated that they are convinced Messi will retire at FC Barcelona.

Whilst it is unclear which of these options Messi will take, what is clear is that looking at the facts, the quotes and using common sense, the best player in the world will never be tempted by a big money offer, or a chance to ‘prove himself’ in another league.

Season after season Messi’s commitment to Barcelona is questioned, assumptions are made based on body language, personal form and collective team form, something that seems a ploy by some media to create the big ‘Messi wants to leave’ exclusive.

The light of Messi’s non-celebration after scoring a late penalty winner against the last ranking team in the league.

At Barcelona, from the youngest of La Masia’s teams all the way to the first team, players are taught a style which is not only effective but beautiful. A passing and moving style that wows audiences when played to perfection. So why would anyone expect Messi to celebrate happily after scraping a win in a poor team performance against possibly the most out-of-form side in La Liga through a late penalty?

The bottom line is, as much as some people want you to believe, Messi will never be driven out of Barcelona due to board issues, managerial issues, or anything of the sort. I am sure most Barcelona fans are aware of this fact, but in times of doubt, some can have their worries.

So no matter what anyone tells you, whatever you read, you should be confident that you will be watching Messi in a Barcelona shirt for years to come.

Then, perhaps soon after the 2022 World Cup, you will be scrawling the internet looking for that 240p stream of a Newell’s Old Boys match to see the best ever in his last seasons as a professional player.