German tennis star Alexander Zverev is getting a lot of luck and has started to continue training despite the emerging Coronavirus crisis, which disrupted competitions in what he considered his worst possible period.

Zverev, for the first time in his semifinal career, reached one of the four Grand Slam tournaments at the Australian Open last January.

“I was very close to the title of Grand Slam,” Zverev said.

The star has previously climbed to third in the rankings but is now ranked seventh worldwide.

Zverev has crowned 11 titles during his career, including the final title of the WTA season in 2018, while his most notable achievement was reaching the Australian semifinals.

“I think that the ATP should consider what is available and the appropriate timing for the season. If things don’t work in America, it might work in Europe, maybe we should have tournaments there.”

“I prefer to play without any fans than to not play at all. If it’s safer then why not?”

“I think travel restrictions are the biggest problem we face in the world of tennis.”

Zverev lives in Florida with his parents and relatives, but his girlfriend was unable to join them because of the travel restrictions imposed before she was able to leave the place where she lives.

Zverev stressed that his primary focus is on developing his serve strikes and back-kicks, and his physical fitness in order to be ready for the resumption of events.

He joined a virtual training session for Bayern Munich, the defending champion of the German Football League, and donated to the anti-Corona campaign founded by the Bayern duo, Joshua Kimmich, and Leon Goritska.